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Girard Awnings for Home and Commercial Use
Home Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings
What You Should Know, Girard Residential Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings and Architechtural Awnings
Home Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings and Solar Shades
Home Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings

Girard Awnings for Home and Commercial Use

Orange County, CA — Girard Awnings now provides awnings for home and commercial as well as interior and exterior drop shades and solar shades for up-scale homes and commercial properties. Girard Awnings offers its products to all residential and commercial developers as well as consumers for any window awning or patio awning need

Commercial and Home Awnings Save Energy and Money

Girard Awnings for home and commercial use offer shade solutions that incorporate quality materials and workmanship to transform your sun-drenched home or business into a cool oasis with beautiful Girard window and patio awnings. Our shade solutions offer instant energy savings and will cut your home or business cooling costs by 25% as well as reduce the interior heat of your home or office by up to 50%. In any sunny location, you can be comfortable — and do it in style with Girard awnings for home or commercial use.

Our elegant and effective commercial and residential awnings are available in a wide range of configurations with dozens of options. It won't take much for you to begin enjoying the benefits of lower air temperatures, reduced environmental costs and less damage to fabrics and furniture with your new commercial or home awnings.

Full Line of Solar Shades, Solariums and Awnings for Home and Commercial Use

Choose from a full line of awnings and solar shades for home and commercial use, including — patio awnings, window awnings, interior and exterior drop shades, solariums and garden rooms, in both manual and remote operation configurations. We even have an automatic option that will provide the most optimized solution for your particular application and you'll never have to worry about possible awning damage from wind or adjusting the shade to provide the best coverage. Your oasis will provide relief from the sun's burning rays perfectly . . . every time.

Whatever Girard commercial, home awning or shade solution is right for you, rest assured that the value of your property and the comfort of your family, friends, business associates and customers is guaranteed with both our commercial and home awnings. We've got you covered!

Owning a Girard is owning a one of a kind
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Home Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings Fabrics
Girard commercial and home awnings use the finest solution-dyed woven acrylic fabrics from the Sattler Collection & Sunbrella. Prior to weaving, each strand of acrylic is treated with water repellent & UV protection.
Home Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings Fabrics